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Content Management System “The Berry” is a powerful tool that allows creation, management and presentation of website’s data in real time

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Benefits of a website generator

With “The Berry” integration, the website's owner can update the website’s content without any programming knowledge and still keep the website highly optimized and blazing fast 

  • Update your content in real time
  • Manage SEO for all available languages
  • Track analytics
  • Access to version control system
  • Create and manage users and their roles
  • Collect messages and subscribers

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Discover "The Berry"


“The Berry” is not like the other website builders that have hidden fees and functionality constraints. With this Content Management System you get everything you require at one place. Oh and yes, hosting and https are FREE.


We begin by examining your existing website and the way it was developed. Based on this and your requirements we proceed by deciding which website sections should be controllable by you.


We make the necessary adjustments and create the custom templates which will be integrated with “The Berry”. Apart from our developing environment utilizing the best possible code optimization, we also do it manually to ensure your website loads under 400ms no matter the heaviness of the page content.


We host your new website on a highly optimized server dedicated for this purpose only, based on your target audience and location. We connect your website with the platform and create an environment for you to manage it.

Client acquires control

We introduce you to all the platform functionalities relatable to your website and provide training for you and your team to be able to get the most out of it. You now have the ability to change the content on your highly optimized website without needing to hire a developer to do it for you. As simple as saying WOW.

Connect your website with "The Berry"


The cost of adjusting your existing website or building a brand new one for “The Berry” integration is determined in the analysis phase as it strongly depends on the website complexity and the volume of content.

Cost to be determinedcontact us for a quote
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Once the integration is completed and you and your team are successfully utilizing our CMS to manage your website, we provide our support whenever is needed and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

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