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Generic websites have become the new norm, with an increasing number of 'pre-made' templates governing the majority of what we see online. Green Flamingo is inspired by unique websites with original content, and aims to contribute only that to WWW. We bring you the ability to have something that stands out. You dictate what your customers will see, from the first string to the last. No themes, no templates. Instead, we tailor your website to a set of requirements that we define together in a project plan, and a mock-up, which your edit and approve. Our websites are not only attractive to human customers, but also to robots such as Google, Yahoo, and other search engines, which like concrete .html files and synergy between code, text, and images.

GF websites also load faster than the majority of other sites. This will encourage potential customers and collaborators to visit more pages of your website and have repeated interactions with your business.

Continuous Quality

Utilizing technologies such as SASS and Blendid, we offer highly scalable websites stored on our private servers, which are regularly maintained, ensuring constant improvements, performance upgrades and minimal downtime.

Green Flamingo SL does not send out unsolicited promotional emails, offers or otherwise communiques. Please visit our privacy policy page for more information about Green Flamingo's use of data.