Online Shop

Ideal for manufacturers, retailers, and distributors

Discover The Lime

For online sellers, showcase your products with a complete web application, consisting of a custom built website and a content management system, "The Lime." This CMS is capable of manipulating every aspect of the online shop.

"The Lime" gives the user full control over all visual and textual elements of the website It is ideal for manufacturers, retailers, and distributors

A Taste of the Lime


Manage Products

Insert, update, or delete products, change pricing and delivery settings (destination and fee), and link products with images


Manage promotions and coupons

Generate promotions, coupons, and associated activation codes, and make them appear on your home page or forward them to loyal customers through e-mail campaigns!


Mount e-mail campaigns

Announce new arrivals, promote sales and share video tutorials using a single platform that always keeps you connected with your subscribers


Create sales

Customize all sale parameters: sale price, included products, sale duration, and exclusion criteria


Publish blog posts

Write, design, and publish text or video blogs, and decide where they appear on the website

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