Digital Marketing

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Effective marketing is all about knowing audiences and communicating only what is relevant to them. Green Flamingo uses market research and expert judgement to devise different strategies for different people and demographics. Checkout our Digital Marketing toolkit below!

Digital Marketing Toolkit


Content Marketing

We write about and illustrate topics relevant to your business that attract viewers to your website and bring your offer closer to your audience


Social Media Marketing

We create a strategy that suits your business and use social media platforms to publish creative content including illustrations, images, animations, and videos



We provide both the technical and creative elements required for enhancing your online visibility and achieving organic (non-paid) growth


Paid Advertising

We create Facebook and Google ads to reach your desired target market and spread your offer further

Green Flamingo SL does not send out unsolicited promotional emails, offers or otherwise communiques. Please visit our privacy policy page for more information about Green Flamingo's use of data.